tree Trunk




Nothing says back to school quite like the look of preppy stripes. Although school may no longer be where most of us are headed, it’s still hard to get enough of Bailey 44’s beautiful bands of colour.

The latest delivery mixes modern elements into the classic stripy style, like this neutral relaxed fit number with a dynamic pattern from body to sleeve.


Even more playful are the form fitting long sleeved tops with accents of bright turquoise and blue, or hot pink and stunning electric yellow, all contrasted against deep charcoal hues.


No matter how cute, we know some are still reluctant when it comes to horizontal print. So for those – not to fear! As always OOAL has got you covered. It wouldn’t be Bailey 44 without their signature style which layers pattern on pattern for a more unique feel that both smoothes and hides some of our not so favourite places.


Last but not least try out something with a more subtle allure featuring sparkly sequinned sleeve detail or a bold pop of colour.

Whichever scrumptious style it may be make sure to come by the store and get into one of our most fun collections of the season!