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New Brand: Elly Pistol Encourages You To Kill Violence With Kindess



Introducing Elly Pistol, our newest brand offering trendy bombers and other fresh clothing from Sweden. Elly Pistol makes dope designs from inspirations running through their veins, that are both loud and timeless. Elly Pistol launched in Sweden in 2015 and has spread world-wide, now with customers in over 35 countries. They owe their success to their edgy yet classic bomber jackets that quickly gained lots of attention on social media.

Ellie Pistol Bomber Jacket Ellie Pistol Bomber Jacket

But Elly Pistol is more than just a loud bomber jacket brand. Every piece in their collections in a concious tribute to the natural strength within us. They want to stand up to violence by normalizing words such as bomb, blow or fire. Their goal is to keep designing fresh pieces while making every man, woman, girl and boy feel strong, safe, powerful and heard. Anything that blows your mind is a connotation of love and they hope that wearing an Elly Pistol bomber will inspire you to love, encourage, build confidence and surround yourself with positive energy.

Ellie Pistol Bomber Jacket Ellie Pistol Bomber Jacket

Elly Pistol wants you to grab your pistol- yeah, they mean your bombers- and kill them with kindess. Anger and violence never solves anything, but love and fashion just might!

These Elly Pistol pieces and more will be arriving in-store soon!

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