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No better feeling than wearing a shirt that sums up your life perfectly, are we right? An Out On A Limb favourite, Jac Vanek, combines humour with comfort all while staying trendy with vibrant colours and cool textures.

Let’s be honest, who couldn’t use this shirt? Maybe you pulled an all-nighter to finish that assignment, or you were tossing and turning during that nightmare last night.
Jac Vanek Need More Sleep Sweater

This is exactly what Jac Vanek has in mind with her designs, having always been immersed in what’s relevant and interesting to today’s youth. She describes the brand as a combination of her personal artistic expression and the “collective conscious of youth today”. We felt nothing is more relevant to today’s youth than wanting to crawl back into bed instead of walking into 9:00am class.




We’re pretty honest here at Out on a Limb, and we love food, so naturally we all had a good laugh at this one.  Nothing better than feeling honest and trendy at the same time!


How many times have you heard, “what will they be serving?” or “what kind of food are they going to have?” when on your way to an event.  This sweater is the perfect way to avoid that uncle of yours who brings up the same embarrassing story from your childhood.  Better yet, wearing this makes standing by the dessert table for the entire night completely acceptable.  Trust us, this sweater is sure to catch all the attention at your next gathering, because most people there can definitely relate.


And finally, a sweater that gives everyone a fair warning well in advance.  Why let them figure out you’re trouble when you can centre your outfit around it?  “I didn’t say it, my sweater did.”11268063_1018915371453300_721189242_n

We love that Jac Vanek offers versatility: great for lounging at home on those lazy days, but even better to show the world how you’re feeling for the day.  The best part?  There’s no question these will be the cutest and comfiest sweaters in your wardrobe.



Stop by Out on a Limb if any of these sweaters speak your current state of mind.  For all of us here,  Jac Vanek has definitely taught us that the only thing better than saying how you feel, is wearing it.