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“I started this company in memory of my dad, David Novek.  He was an amazing man.  I miss him everyday.” – Brett Novek

This quote is on every clothing tag of items by the brand goodhYOUman.  In memory of his father who lost his battle to cancer, Novek started this line of fun, feel-good graphic tees, sweaters, and even leggings.

So, what does a good hYOUman tee or sweater look like?  Here are some we love!

goodhYOUman family over everything

goodhYOUman “family over everything” long sleeve tee

goodhYOUman best day ever

goodhYOUman “best day ever” scoopneck tee












The quotes are all positive and uplifting, and some with a bit of humour too!

goodhYOUman "not crazy just human" tee

goodhYOUman “not crazy just human” tee

goodhYOUman "pets are people too" sweatshirt

goodhYOUman “pets are people too” sweatshirt










goodhYOUman offers something unique to your wardrobe.  We all have tons of basic tees in our wardrobes, sometimes asking ourselves: “why do I have 7 white vnecks?”  goodhYOUman fulfills that same need to have hundreds of basic tees, but with a bit of a kick!

The best part?  A portion of profits go to raising awareness for lymphoma and leukemia.  So, we can feel good when wearing these tees for more than just the reason they’re adorable.

goodhYOUman "live for this moment" long sleeve tee

goodhYOUman “live for this moment” long sleeve tee

goodhYOUman is as well versatile.  Of course, you can lounge around the house in it on days where you don’t even want your roommate to see you!  However, they’re easy throw ons when meeting a friend for coffee, or running out to the grocery store, let’s say.  You’re sure to be stopped in the snack aisle with someone asking “where did you get that!?”

Overall, this line is fun, fashionable, and most importantly, inspirational.  Nothing speaks the truth more than this top below, and all of us were touched and inspired by Novek’s story.

goodhYOUman "everyone has a story" long sleeve

goodhYOUman “everyone has a story” long sleeve

With graphics being a staple to your wardrobe, goodhYOUman is a must have this season!