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Coming Soon: Wrist & Rye bracelets




Is your wrist lacking a little bit of luster? Introducing Wrist & Rye, a brand that can help you accessorize, while doing good. This new bracelet brand is “delivering intoxicatingly beautiful accessories that incite social conversations”. W&R encourages you to look good and drink responsibly. Lucky for you, this brand is conveniently coming to Out on a Limb soon!

Burning Banana Boat



At W&R, they do things unconventionally and unapologetically in pursuit of a common goal; to live life to its fullest and look darn great while doing it. Every piece they manufacture has a story to tell. From the boardroom to the local pub, W&R will be holding your hand wherever your lifestyle takes you.

Inspired by music and culture, the bracelets are designed and handcrafted in Toronto using only the highest quality materials such as sterling silver, 18k gold and preciouse stones. Each piece is named after popular drinks.

Vodka Soda 2


W&R’s mission is not only ensure that you are the life of the party and that you look the part, but more importantly, they hope to promote responsible drinking and to educate their customers on the dangers of drunk driving. W&R donates 10% of proceeds towards programs the promote the prevention of impaired driving such as discounted transportation when students are out on the town and to support local initiatives at High Schools and Universities.┬áBy purchasing a piece from W&R, you are joining the movement.


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Bottoms up!