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The temperatures have dropped, the leaves have fallen, and the Holiday commercials have already started. Winter is not the perfect weather for flip-flops…but winter is the perfect time to give into your wanderlust and take a tropical vacation with your brand new Malvados flip-flops. This new brand of flip-flops will be arriving in store next month- just in time for you to hit the beach! Malvado’s debut collection launches December 2016, and we will be the first to have these perfect flip-flops.


Malvados draws their inspiration from rock and roll, iconic music mavens, edgy festival fashion and the wild at heart. Their mission is to have the most comfortable yet fashion forward casual footwear for the girl who loves music, seeks adventure and is always packing for her next weekend getaway. They offer something new, something different- this is the footwear you’ll want to take with you everywhere.


They want to showcase the lifestyle that their consumer lives. The brand connects with the girl who is obsessed with travel, especially to warm destinations. She loves music and going to live shows. She is crazy and fun and has an eclectic style and personality. The Malvados brand ambassadors are musicians, travel bloggers and musicians.


We will be receiving two different styles from the Malvados collection, The Playa and The Lux. Both styles have a different vibe and suits a different part of your adventurous weekend.

The Playa

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The basic flip-flop. Features a one piece mold with toe pillow for extra cushiony comfort and support. Diamond textured foot-bed for breathability and traction. Malvados arrow logo strap design. For the girl that’s famous for dancing on the beach and frolicking in the salty air. We will have colours “Onyx” “Gypsea” “Haven’t the Foggiest” and “Tequila Sunrise” *colour pictured not available

The Lux

The Lux

The ultra-sleek and feminine flip-flop that can be worn dressed up or dressed down. Features super comfy top sole, dialog textured foot-bed with lasered logo for breathability and traction. Thin metallic strap. Known for the girl who always has a flower behind her ear. Available in colours “Raven” “Cadet” “Spotlight” “Guilded” and “Prosecco”



From the Playa to the pool,

Dawn to dusk,

These are the sandals memories are made in.

For the dreamers,

Day trippers,

And the wild at heart

Come wander with us.

It’s time to give into your adventurous side and take the plunge. The Malvados collection invites you to #wanderwithus.

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