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Coming Soon: FREE CITY




If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you know that soon we will be carrying Free City! As you know, here at Out on a Limb, we love our athleisure and comfy sweats. That’s why Free City is a perfect addition to our selection of sweats. Get to know more about the brand below!


Company Overview

Designer Nina Garduno explains the Free City aesthetic, “I don’t consider myself a designer. I make simple things that aren’t simply made. I make clothes that feel like something you’ve known forever. It’s all very utilitarian, but it has a certain fit. We labor over everything we do, the silk screens, the colours, the patches, the words we use, how we wash the clothes, the way everything smells.”



16 years ago, LA’s Nina Garduno launched the brand Free City with a simple T-Shirt that read “Free City Neighbourhood”.

The brand started after Garduno took a trip to Copenhagen and someone told her to visit the Free City. That city was actually called Christiana, which is basically a commune. Garduno said, “I realized that I have been so many places like this; groups of people living this alternative life. It’s a spirit. If I don’t want to live on the commune, how can I feel this and be this? Always. I can be Free City.”

The brand has achieved cult status fueled by years of tabloid photos showing celebs in Free City sweatpants.



The Looks

Every collection has a new theme. This time, the theme is “Colour and Sound; Free City in Symphonic Colour”