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Coming Soon: Brodie Cashmere



It’s already August! Summer has been flying by and that means that Fall is just around the corner. Our favourite part about Fall fashion is all the layering and soft and cozy cashmere to keep us warm! That’s why we love this new brand, Brodie Cashmere.

Introducting Brodie Cashmere. Brodie provide luxurious, super soft 100% pure cashmere, from the Steppes of Mongolia. They don’t just make beautiful cashmere; they bring together the best raw materials, skills, heritage to create garments you can love, laugh and live in. Better yet, their cashmere is machine washable and won’t pill, so you can enjoy luxury and quality thats made for living.

They use the skills and knowledge passed down from generation to generation from the borders of Scotland. Choosing only the best fibres, the result is soft, beautiful yarn and hand finished garments produced by craftmen.

Brodie Cashmere Star Vneck Jumper

They believe in classic style with a contemporary twist. They design all our garments in house, taking inspiration from their travels, friends and family to create beautiful styles that are simple, flattering and full of personality. From neutral tones to colorful brights, there is a Brodie style to suit everyone.

So, what sets Brodie cashmere sweaters and jumpers apart from the rest?
It is much softer than regular wool:
Have you ever purchased a cheap “wool” jumper, only to wear it and find that the material is itchy and coarse, and scratches against your skin? More often than not, you’ve bought a garment made from a blend of wool and some kind of synthetic material, especially if it was purchased from a larger fashion chain. The downy undercoat from which the cashmere fibres are collected makes for a material that is soft to the touch and wont irritate your skin.

Brodie Cashmere Estrella Jacket with Stars

For Brodie, Fall 2017 is all about Stars, Hearts and Camo. These fun and luxurious cashmere pieces can be yours soon! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram so you can be the first the bundle up in this great new brand!

Brodie Cashmere Camo Hoodie

Coming in in a blue and grey combo