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Brand We Love: Stance Socks




As you all know, we love our socks (Read our previous sock blog post here). The more fun they are, the better. If you haven’t already acquainted yourself with the newest addition to our sock family, read all about Stance socks here. The Stance brand represents expression and embraces a spirit of individuality through a unique product offering, featuring different series and collaborations. Blending design and technology, Stance has designed socks as uncommonly cool as the people who wear them. Their comfortable, colorful and well-made take on socks is turning them into the new pocket square for males (and statement piece for women) and becoming a pop-culture status symbol along the way.

Read more about the brand and scroll through some upcoming style, below.


Stance was officially founded at the end of 2009, with its first pairs of socks hitting retail in 2010. Now, Stance are sold in more than 40 countries with a reputation for designs that are quirky, cheeky and fun. Worn on celebrities feet, doing collaborations with people like Rihanna, being sung about by Jay-Z, and even scoring a deal with the NBA, has set Stance as the must-have sock brand for fashion lovers, music lovers and athletes alike.


Self descibed “serial entrepreneur”, Jeff Kearl, who previously worked for Skull Candy headphones, learned to look for categories suffering from “benign neglect.”┬áHe remembers walking the aisles of Target in San Clemente, considering products like sunblock, jewelry and luggage. “Then we came to the sock aisle,” he said. “And it was literally black, white, gray and brown. The crazy argyle patterns were on the bottom rack and most of the socks were in these big value-packed plastic baggies.” Over the next few months, Kearl dove deep on socks, paying attention to how they were displayed in stores, how they were priced, how sales associates reacted. He says he bought hundreds of pairs on his way to the realization that that this was exactly the sleepy, overlooked, under-valued category that had serious potential.


Kearl was joined by a team comprised of people from various other brands such as Oakley, Billabong and Element, for a well rounded team from the surf and skater world, ensuring an ultra-cool sock brand.

By injecting hip prints, colours and designs into what has become nothing more than a boring accessory, they began trailblazing a path to becoming the #1 must-have sock brand in the world.