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Brand We Love: Tkees



One thing we love about Summer weather? Time to get some pedicures and show them off in our favourite flip-flops. The fan-favourite flip-flop brand for our customers is hands down “TKEES”. We get huge shipments of Tkees each year with a huge waiting list and can barely keep them in stock! This year, we’ve made sure to stock up and re-0rder some of the best-selling styles. Read more about Tkees and check out the styles we have below!


Pronounced “Tee-Keys”, TKEES are branded as “cosmetics for your feet”. The first Tkees collection was divided into different colour categories such as foundations, creams, liners, glosses, and have added more styles such as ones with cute emojis. Tkees are fresh, sophisticated, chic, clean and feminine. They are perferct for every occasion from running errands, walking the dog, going for lunch, wearing post-manicure, and of course, for hitting the beach. Worn by some of the most loved fashion icons including Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie and Eva Longoria, Tkees continue to remain the must have flip-flop brand.


Tkees were founded and designed by Torontonians Carly and Jesse Burnett back in 2010. Carly was on the hunt for a simple yet elegant sandal to take on vacation, but came out empty handed and headed for the comfort of the beach. On vacation, an idea sparked her creativity; to create a flip-flip so minimal that the difference between them on and off was almost indescernible. The couple began exchanging ideas of what could be, and from there in their Tiki hut, the name Tkees was born.

Jesses and Carly needed manufacturers that valued quality and detail in their work. Having developed the initial concept of Tkees in an idyllic setting, it was only fittig that these strandards would be met in a country known for its beauty; Brazil.

Pulling inspiration from a spectrum that stretches from her children’s scribbles to high fashion, the essence of Tkees is never lost. Carly believes that the most effective design is the most simple. Pushing the boundaries through a simple silhouette is a challenge that Tkees welcomes with each collection.








Having no prior experience in the industry, it was necessary for Jesse and Carly to be involved in every step of the process. By doing so, they ensured that they had the best understanding of the craftsmanship that went into creating each pair of Tkees.

Get your hands on the newest collections of our fan-favourite brand Tkees, including Foundations, SolidsEmojis and Beach.