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Coming Soon: Spiritual Gangster


These days, when you’re walking down the street it seems almost everyone is embracing the casual athleisure trend whether they are on their way to the gym or not. People of all ages are sporting yoga pants, running shoes and baseball hats and other sportswear as a fashion statement, rather than just to simply have a work out. What is so great about athleisure is the comfort and casual vibe that is perfect for every day from running errands to just lounging around the house. Some individuals like to keep their athleisure simple and on the plainer side, but here at Out On a Limb, we like to keep things bright and bold!


That’s why we are so excited to be carrying a new brand called Spiritual Gangster coming this Holiday season. Spiritual Gangster is yoga inspired clothing for high vibration living, founded by yoga lovers Vanessa Lee and Ian Lopatin. Besides promoting the healthy body, mind and soul that the yoga lifestyle encourages, the brand uses proceeds from every item purchased towards charitable organizations.


Ian founded At One Yoga in Phoenix where he met Vanessa, who was the retail buyer for the studio. Vanessa felt that there was something missing in the market, so they came up with the idea to create a line that represented the vibe of their yoga studios- blending the modern with the ancient and a deep desire to help people feel healthy, happy and connected.


Spiritual Gangster believes in giving back every chance they get. For each item sold, they donate to a person in need. They support amazing international charities such as Feeding America, The Cambodian Children’s Fund, Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Children’s First Academy, The Make a Wish Foundation and many others.


Scroll through to see some of the great new pieces coming soon!


The perfect boyfriend scoop neck tee. Stay comfy and cool in their favourite body featuring ultra soft semi sheer tissue jersey, a scoop neckline and front and back graphics.

The super soft Savasana pullover hoodie with ultra lightweight hacci jersey, kangaroo front and tyedye print.

The super soft Savasana pullover hoodie with ultra lightweight hacci jersey, kangaroo front and tyedye print.

Keep warm while looking cool in our super flattering dharma pant featuring hidden drawstrings, gusset details and a tailored fit for a sexy, sporty look we can't get enough of

Keep warm while looking cool in our super flattering dharma pant featuring hidden drawstrings, gusset details and a tailored fit for a sexy, sporty look we can’t get enough of.


The luxe sutra tank features sophisticated lightweight sweater jersey and deep side openings to take you from yoga mat to street.


Top off every outfit with the supercool army jacket featuring an oversized fit, matte buttons, front zipper pockets, camo print and back graphics.

Top off every outfit with the supercool army jacket featuring an oversized fit, matte buttons, front zipper pockets, camo print and back graphics.

The original zip hoodie is made cozy for the holiday season with fleece.

The original zip hoodie is made cozy for the holiday season with fleece, featuring the splatter constellation print and front and back graphics.

The off the shoulder pullover is back for the season in butterfly soft french terry with raw edges and a flattering off the shoulder neckline.




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Coming Soon: Wrist & Rye bracelets


Is your wrist lacking a little bit of luster? Introducing Wrist & Rye, a brand that can help you accessorize, while doing good. This new bracelet brand is “delivering intoxicatingly beautiful accessories that incite social conversations”. W&R encourages you to look good and drink responsibly. Lucky for you, this brand is conveniently coming to Out on a Limb soon!

Burning Banana Boat



At W&R, they do things unconventionally and unapologetically in pursuit of a common goal; to live life to its fullest and look darn great while doing it. Every piece they manufacture has a story to tell. From the boardroom to the local pub, W&R will be holding your hand wherever your lifestyle takes you.

Inspired by music and culture, the bracelets are designed and handcrafted in Toronto using only the highest quality materials such as sterling silver, 18k gold and preciouse stones. Each piece is named after popular drinks.

Vodka Soda 2


W&R’s mission is not only ensure that you are the life of the party and that you look the part, but more importantly, they hope to promote responsible drinking and to educate their customers on the dangers of drunk driving. W&R donates 10% of proceeds towards programs the promote the prevention of impaired driving such as discounted transportation when students are out on the town and to support local initiatives at High Schools and Universities. By purchasing a piece from W&R, you are joining the movement.


Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to be to first to know when W&R arrives in store.

Bottoms up!

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Coming Soon: Malvados



The temperatures have dropped, the leaves have fallen, and the Holiday commercials have already started. Winter is not the perfect weather for flip-flops…but winter is the perfect time to give into your wanderlust and take a tropical vacation with your brand new Malvados flip-flops. This new brand of flip-flops will be arriving in store next month- just in time for you to hit the beach! Malvado’s debut collection launches December 2016, and we will be the first to have these perfect flip-flops.


Malvados draws their inspiration from rock and roll, iconic music mavens, edgy festival fashion and the wild at heart. Their mission is to have the most comfortable yet fashion forward casual footwear for the girl who loves music, seeks adventure and is always packing for her next weekend getaway. They offer something new, something different- this is the footwear you’ll want to take with you everywhere.


They want to showcase the lifestyle that their consumer lives. The brand connects with the girl who is obsessed with travel, especially to warm destinations. She loves music and going to live shows. She is crazy and fun and has an eclectic style and personality. The Malvados brand ambassadors are musicians, travel bloggers and musicians.


We will be receiving two different styles from the Malvados collection, The Playa and The Lux. Both styles have a different vibe and suits a different part of your adventurous weekend.

The Playa

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 7.25.03 PM

The basic flip-flop. Features a one piece mold with toe pillow for extra cushiony comfort and support. Diamond textured foot-bed for breathability and traction. Malvados arrow logo strap design. For the girl that’s famous for dancing on the beach and frolicking in the salty air. We will have colours “Onyx” “Gypsea” “Haven’t the Foggiest” and “Tequila Sunrise” *colour pictured not available

The Lux

The Lux

The ultra-sleek and feminine flip-flop that can be worn dressed up or dressed down. Features super comfy top sole, dialog textured foot-bed with lasered logo for breathability and traction. Thin metallic strap. Known for the girl who always has a flower behind her ear. Available in colours “Raven” “Cadet” “Spotlight” “Guilded” and “Prosecco”



From the Playa to the pool,

Dawn to dusk,

These are the sandals memories are made in.

For the dreamers,

Day trippers,

And the wild at heart

Come wander with us.

It’s time to give into your adventurous side and take the plunge. The Malvados collection invites you to #wanderwithus.

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 7.18.14 PM

Scroll through for more Malvados brand inspo and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date on the brand’s in-store launch!






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Back By Popular Demand: Quay Australia Eyeware


As we all know, the perfect accessory to finish off an outfit is a great pair of sunglasses. Its no wonder celebrities are always caught by the paps wearing them. There’s just something about the addition of sunglasses that makes everyone look polished. Unfortunately, there’s also nothing easier to lose than a pair of sunglasses (besides maybe the mate to your other sock). Because of this, is it hard to commit to purchasing a pair of sunnies, as the designer pairs can set you back at least $200+.


Luckily for you, here at Out on a Limb, we feel your pain. That’s why we are bringing back the amazing eyeware brand, Quay Australia. Pronounced like “Key”, Q/A are designer sunglasses without the designer price. Anyone who has Instagram or follows top fashion bloggers has seen them while scrolling their news feeds as the brand has been taking over. They have been seen on the faces of the biggest celebrities such as Lauren Conrad, JLo, Beyonce, Shay Mitchell, the Haddids, Jenners and Kardashians, as well as top fashion bloggers, such as Desi Perkins.

Music lovers Linda and Allen Hammond founded Quay Australia in 2014 on the festival circuit. Their son, Zak, joined the team in 2009, making it truly a family business as it launched in the international market. Today, Q/A’s sunnies can be found in 35 countries at over 2000 retailers worldwide. With its signature over-sized frames, flayful and edgy shapes, funky colours and affordable price point, there’s a pair of Quays for everyone, for every outfit.


Q/A holds itself to the highest Corporate Social Responsibility standards of integrity by maintaining a strong stance on working conditions of their manufacturers workers. Every manufacturer they work with is required to comply with fundamental human rights.

The brand have a few new styles being released this season, and we are so excited to carry them. Scroll through to check out the styles!





These statement making cat-eye sunnies will keep head turning, featuring dramatically sharp wings, a molded nose bridge and bold frame.

The Oxford

The Oxford

These squared sunnies feature light plastic frames, delicate templates and molded nose bridge for a simple and sophisticated boyfriend-inspired look.

Sorority Princess


These playful, over-sized sunnies feature mirrored lenses, a double bridge, adjustable nose pads, a metal frame- and two gorgeous pastel hues to choose from.

Super Girl


The biggest addition to this delivery is the “Super Girl” which is a revamped version of the beloved “My Girl”. My Girl is their original style frame that was launched two years ago. achieving phenomenal success and is still their best seller. The new and improved Super Girl takes the iconic My Girl frames to new heights. These shades are a metal, mirrored cat-eye that are extremely fashion forward and guaranteed to make you look fabulous.

It may be Fall, but the sun is still shining, so make sure you stay tuned by following us on Facebook and Instagram so you’ll be the first to know when these great sunnies are in store!



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Brand We Love: Krochet Kids


‘We are a non-profit empowering people to rise against poverty. Every product we make is hand-signed by the person who made it.”
-Kohl Crecelius, CEO & Co-Founder of Krochet Kids

The days are getting shorter, the leaves are changing colour, and the air is getting cooler. That means its time to break out the cold-weather accessories. We are proud to have been a retailer of the brand Krochet Kids for several years now. If you aren’t already familiar with the great brand, Krochet Kids is a non-profit that works with highly vulnerable women who live in poverty stricken regions of the world. Their program empowers women with the resources to rise above poverty. To learn more about their great program, and to see some of their products, scroll through!



The Beginning

Kohl was taught how to crochet by his brother, and he passed the skill onto his friends, Travis and Stewart. Before long, they started taking customer orders from their fellow classmates and being dubbed the “Krochet Kids” by a local newspaper in their hometown of Spokane, WA.


The Dream

The three Krochet Kids were separated by college, but they would spend their summer breaks volunteering in various developing nations, hoping to gain a better understanding of the global community. It wasn’t long before they came to realize how blessed they were and they decided that they wanted to help, reach out, and make a difference. Friends and family encouraged them to teach people in developing countries how to crochet as a means of breaking the cycle of poverty. At first, they needed to do something more drastic and profound for the world- until Stewart returned from a summer in Uganda and they realized the simplicity in crocheting.


The Opportunity

He informed them about how the people who had been living in government camps for 20 years and grew up only knowing the camp and relying solely on the government and aid organization for their every need. It was then they they realized that by teaching these people how to crochet that they could empower them and rise above poverty. By allowing them a fair wage, for the first they would be able to provide for their families for the first time.


A Reality

Krochet Kids grew beyond the original trio to incorporate friends who shared the desire to transform the world. The following summer, they found themselves in a simple brick hut with a group of Ugandan women and bags full of yarn as they nearly mastered crocheting before their tearful eyes.

The company has continued to grow and evolve in ways they never imagined since they earned non-profit status in January 2008.


Impact is the Bottom Line

As a non-profit, they are able to focus more resources and financial investment into their program initiatives and the activities that achieve empowerment. This allows them to give their global, staff, donors and customers the clearest picture of why they exist: To create lasting impact on the ground and to all work together to empower others.

They work hard to create products that are high-quality and fashionable. Their sales revenue funds the majority of their overall budget year-over-year, so the support of their donors can be focused on their key initiatives on the ground. This diversified revenue model allow them to be more efficient and sustainable over the long term.

Product sales account for more than 80% of their total operating revenue needed to sustain their work annually

Product sales account for more than 80% of their total operating revenue needed to sustain their work annually

This means, 100% of public donations go directly toward funding their program initiatives on the ground

This means, 100% of public donations go directly toward funding their program initiatives on the ground



In addition to this, every product is hand-signed by the person who made it. You can go to their website to learn her story and how you’re helping.

Come in and see the whole collection and help to rise against poverty!