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Coming Soon: Elan

Is there anything better than Fall fashion? When the September issue of Vogue hits the stands and mothers take their daughters out for back-to-school shopping, our window displays are dressed in our favourite, gorgeous Fall layers. This Fall we are excited to be introducing a few new brands to the store. Next month, Elan will be filling up our racks and is sure to become one of your new favourite brands.

Elan International Inc. is a manufacturer and distrubutor of young contemporary collections that provide the adventurous fashionista with her ideal dream closet. The brand appeals to the active woman with a sense of style who appreciates value without compromising quality. The Elan girl, like the brand, has mastered the balance between comfort and boldness and appreciates versatile quality pieces.

Elan Sweater in Oatmeal

The founders and designers, Elan, and his wife Galit bring an international edge to their collections. To stay on top of current and upcoming trends, they look at magazines for inspiration and a lot of their designs are influenced by their travels to Europe.

Elan began designing and manufacturing clothing when he was 20. He had worked at a number of retail jobs and although he had no prior experience designing, he knew that he had an eye for fashion. At 21, he truly embarked on his quest to become a designer and start his own clothing company. After borrowing money from his parents, he made 150 dresses, loaded them up in his Trans Am, and began trying to sell his apparel door-to-door. He immersed himself into the industry and began networking with more established wholesalers in the area.

Elan Cold Shoulder Sweater










Elan has continued to grow in the fashion industry and built a reputation around their excellent quality at competetive pricing.

Scroll through to check out some of the looks that will be in store, and be sure to follow us on Instagram to be the first to know when Elan is in store!

Elan distressed ripped sweater Elan Distressed Neck Sweater\

Elan Long Hoodie Elan Bell Sleeve Sweater


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Brand We Love: Tkees

One thing we love about Summer weather? Time to get some pedicures and show them off in our favourite flip-flops. The fan-favourite flip-flop brand for our customers is hands down “TKEES”. We get huge shipments of Tkees each year with a huge waiting list and can barely keep them in stock! This year, we’ve made sure to stock up and re-0rder some of the best-selling styles. Read more about Tkees and check out the styles we have below!


Pronounced “Tee-Keys”, TKEES are branded as “cosmetics for your feet”. The first Tkees collection was divided into different colour categories such as foundations, creams, liners, glosses, and have added more styles such as ones with cute emojis. Tkees are fresh, sophisticated, chic, clean and feminine. They are perferct for every occasion from running errands, walking the dog, going for lunch, wearing post-manicure, and of course, for hitting the beach. Worn by some of the most loved fashion icons including Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie and Eva Longoria, Tkees continue to remain the must have flip-flop brand.


Tkees were founded and designed by Torontonians Carly and Jesse Burnett back in 2010. Carly was on the hunt for a simple yet elegant sandal to take on vacation, but came out empty handed and headed for the comfort of the beach. On vacation, an idea sparked her creativity; to create a flip-flip so minimal that the difference between them on and off was almost indescernible. The couple began exchanging ideas of what could be, and from there in their Tiki hut, the name Tkees was born.

Jesses and Carly needed manufacturers that valued quality and detail in their work. Having developed the initial concept of Tkees in an idyllic setting, it was only fittig that these strandards would be met in a country known for its beauty; Brazil.

Pulling inspiration from a spectrum that stretches from her children’s scribbles to high fashion, the essence of Tkees is never lost. Carly believes that the most effective design is the most simple. Pushing the boundaries through a simple silhouette is a challenge that Tkees welcomes with each collection.








Having no prior experience in the industry, it was necessary for Jesse and Carly to be involved in every step of the process. By doing so, they ensured that they had the best understanding of the craftsmanship that went into creating each pair of Tkees.

Get your hands on the newest collections of our fan-favourite brand Tkees, including Foundations, SolidsEmojis and Beach.





Coming Soon: Mind In Motion

If you love Good hYOUman and Shine The Light On, you will absolutely love Mind in Motion, the latest addition to our list of amazing brands. Athleisure promoting a healthy lifestyle with positive affirmations and quotes are all the rage these days, and one of our favourite trends here at Out On a Limb, so we are so excited to introduce Mind and Motion to all of our customers.

Mind in Motion is more than a company- it’s a movement founded by acclaimed athlete and motivational speaker, Leigh Weinraub. The mission is simple and focussed- to unlock the potential within each of us to love deeper, carry one another forward and become our own greatest champions.



Mind in Motion apparel was born out of Leigh’s desire to help others aspire to be their personal best. It all started when she made a t-shirt for one of the of the tennis players she was coaching. The tshirt had the word “Breathe” printed upsidedown so that the client could read it when she needed to calm her nerves during a tennis match. Everytime the player got tight, nervous or anxious, she simply read the word and was reminded to become centred and inspired.

Within weeks, all of Leighs students began wearing Mind in Motion shirts and reported that simply being reminded to look within increased confidence, heightened awareness and produced results. Today the brand represents a powerful shift in the way we think about apparel. Their belief is that what we wear can be a positive force of change in the world.

Guided by the philosophies of accountability and the power of intrinsic motivation, Mind in Motion is all about the individual and not a flashy brand. Need inspiration? Just look down and turn your clothing into a catalyst for change.

This collection is perfect for lounging around the house, running errands, hitting the gym, going on a hike- or whatever you want!

Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to be the first to know when Mind in Motion is in store!


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Introducing: Pilgrim Jewellery

Introducing Pilgrim jewellery, the family owned, danish designed, hand and heart made accessories line. Read about our new brand and take a look at some of the styles we are carrying below.


In 1983, two Danes, Ammenette Markvad and Thomas Adamsen translated their unique empathy and innovative energy into designing jewellery and selling it mainly at music festivals. With their great love for both music and people, they created a line that reflected their deeply held values on spontaneity, intimacy and authenticity.

“Thomas and I were not business people, and we began Pilgrim very much from the heart. From the beginning, we had two key missions. One was to ceate beautiful jewellery that makes you feel beautiful. The other was to build a workplace where every employee enjoyed coming to work and where respect, responsibility and trust were cherished values put into practice everyday.” -Annemette Markvad, Founder

Jewellery is their passion; it is all about dreams, style, heart, and soul. We take pride in keeping the brand authentic- staying true to who they are and where they came from. Pilgrim has become a recognised international brand.

Responsibility and Code of Conduct


Pilgrim is built and run with heart and soul, and these are key elements of Pilgrim’s DNA, along with their social responsibilty. For Pilgrim, a vital part of their business is ensuring that they collaborate with partners that take the utmost care and have an established code of conduct with their suppliers in the East. Their goal is to make clean products- and that means using only pure based materials that are 100% nickel free.

In addition, Pilgrim has a tradition of helping whenever possible through charity work. They have raised funds for different Danish fundraising campaigns, Project Playground and Momentum Trust among many others. Another result of their dedication to charity work is the Pilgrim Foundation, established in 2007 to help children and young people in developing countries.



Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is just a few weeks away, so now is your chance to get the perfect gift. We’ve got amazing gift pieces from jewelery or leather goods, to cozy pajamas and robes. Just add breakfast in bed and a bouquet of flowers and you’re good to go!


Pajamas and Robes

Our classic go-to gift for mothers day always includes a new pair of pjs- how can you not fall in love with these adorable PJ sets and sleep shirts?  Mom will stay happy in these comfy pieces that are perfect for that breakfast in bed.


Delicate jewelry is all the rage right now. Whether you wear a single feminine piece or layer them together for more of a statement, these minimalist pieces are a must have for your accessory collection. The collection incorporates minimalist curves, lines and architectural angles to blend together for a modern and unique look.


Wrist and Rye 

This new bracelet brand is “delivering intoxicatingly beautiful accessories that incite social conversations”. W&R encourages you to look good and drink responsibly. Inspired by music and culture, the bracelets are designed and handcrafted in Toronto using only the highest quality materials such as sterling silver, 18k gold and precious stones. Each piece is named after popular drinks.

Read more about the brand here

Les Interchangables

These elastic bracelets are made by hand in Paris and composed of ribbon made from high quality stretch satin and adorned with Swarovski crystals. They are soft, silky, lightweight, flexible and easy to adjust or remove. Layer several together or wear them as single pieces.

Tofino Towel

Whether mom is taking a rest on the beach between surfing the waves, doing yoga, meditating or having a picnic in the park, a Tofino Towel is a must-have. Read more about these fun round towels here.

Cosmetic Bags

These cute and handy little cosmetic bags are great for everything for your makeup and toiletries or anything you want, whether they are for home or for travel. Mom can tuck these into her gym bag, giant purse or in the stroller.


Without One Word Spoken

We are so proud to be carrying mother Ellen Schwartz’s new book, “Without One Word Spoken: Life Lessons From Jacob”. 100% of proceeds go to Jacob’s Ladder, Project Give Back and other charities. Written for those facing their own personal struggles, the lessons shared in Ellen’s book challenge your perspective on life to help you in your times of need.

From all of us here at Out On a Limb, to all you mothers out there- Happy Mother’s Day!